We use DNN as a development platform

Today’s era that demands flexible business enterprise solutions, robust IT strategy, efficiency and speed. As the world's leading CMS for businesses, DNN (DotNetNuke) has all factors to meet such requirements in a high standard way. Listed below are just a few that we think are the most important! 

  • Easy Content & Document Management
  • Security
  • Flexible Customise & Extend
  • Performance & Stability
  • Enthusiastic Communities
  • Excellent Support

DNN Integrated Solutions

One of the key reasons that lead DNN become the world leading CMS is to have a large module market backed up.
With our experience in using various pre-built modules to develop functioned online systems, we have enough solutions to turn your DNN website become whatever you expect it to be.

  • E-Commerce
  • News Publishing or Announcement
  • File Sharing
  • Image gallery
  • Event Scheduling
  • Online Survey
  • Forum


DNN Responsive skin design

By making use of advanced programming technology, DNN websites powered with responsive skin can automatically shape its content in a pre-designed form which most fit the screen size viewed by user at the time, no matter what content has been fed. This will lift the website's admins who in charge of updating the content from pressure of creating multiple versions of content that target to specific screen sizes. It would be huge benefit in term of efficiency being fast, first and smart in delivery information. However, the best part is that when you have a DNN responsive website compatible to any screen resolution, images, texts and videos you do not fear on losing your potential customers.

DNN Module Development

Although the DNN module market is large and continuously contributed by developers around the world, you still find yourself sometime in the situation when you can not find a module delivering exactly functions you need.
Getting a custom-tailored module developed is a certain way to equipped your DNN website with absolute right functions and interface that fulfil your rigorous requirements.  At TimStyle, the latest coding trends and technologies will be apply in module development process to produce high standard solutions.

  •  MVP 
  •  Angular 
  •  core .Net 
  •  Template and Token Based

DNN Support & Maintenance

With strong experience and enthusiasm in DNN, we are here to assist you to get most of your DNN site by walking you through any corner of the DNN system and making it works as your desire. Our services includes: 

  • DNN Consultancy 
  • DNN Server Configuration and Installation Setup 
  • DNN Version Upgrade 
  • DNN Optimization 
  • DNN Migration (from a server to another one)

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